This application uses python >= 3.8

Installing the latest version

Using conda

The core of floatCSEP is built around the pyCSEP package (, which itself contains the core dependencies.

The simplest way to install floatCSEP, is by creating a conda environment ( - checkout Anaconda or Miniconda) and install pyCSEP from conda-forge

$ conda env create -n $NAME
$ conda activate $NAME
$ conda install -c conda-forge pycsep

Then, clone and install the floatCSEP source code using pip

git clone
cd floatcsep
pip install .

Using apt and pip

To install from pip, we require to install the binary dependencies of pyCSEP (see Installing pyCSEP}

Then, install the pycsep latest version

git clone
cd pycsep
python -m virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -e .[all]

and the floatcsep latest version

cd ..
git clone
cd floatcsep
pip install .[all]